“Adamson Construction started life in 1982 and David Counsell was our accountant and financial advisor right from the beginning. Because we had never run a business before David guided us through the many regulations and laws that had to be complied with at that time (even more today!). He started our first accounting systems which helped to create the financial backbone of the company and ensured that we always knew where we stood financially but more importantly where we were going. After a short period of time, following David’s advice we incorporated to a limited company and David handled all the paperwork involved in that. VAT registration soon followed and once again David simplified the procedure.

Within two years we needed to install a computerised accounting system and David assisted with the implementation of this. Over the years we have upgraded and progressed with computerisation of our financial systems and David and his team have always been knowledgeable about what was available and they would give there recommendations. We did have a bad experience with one software system supplier and to the credit of David and his colleagues they resolved all the problems we were experiencing, and then moved us onto a different supplier and software. I’m sure this was a bad experience for DC Solutions but they handled it without causing hassle for ourselves.

Recently the original company expanded and with David’s advice we have reformed and created two more companies related to the original concepts; this again has helped clarify and focus different parts of the business and to determine future strategies. David sits in on regular meetings to discuss not only the accounts but also where the company is going, advising on potential risks and liabilities and generally acting as a sounding board for ideas. His vast experience over many companies and different industries has given the privileged benefit of providing good advise from tried and tested methods, thereby avoiding many pitfalls which we may have come across.

In today’s business environment many Government bodies take interest in companies and how they are run. This can be a great inconvienece and tense time for any business. David has represented our companies on many occasions and in some case taking all involvement from ourselves. When we started the business we received advice from David about making financial provisions for the long term benefits of the Directors of the company. I’m certainly glad we took up his suggestions regarding pension provisions at that early stage. To summarise I would have no hesitation in recommending DC Solutions to anyone starting a business or already in business; indeed I have done so on many occasions.

If you want a friendly, easy to talk to financial solutions company then they are the ones.”

Colin B Moors
Managing Director, Adamson Construction

“I have been a client of DC Solutions now for almost 14 years. In that period my business has changed dramatically from manufacturing to distribution and finally to importing. At every stage there have been major changes in staffing levels, taxation and cash flow. On every occasion DC Solutions have smoothed the transition and prepared me for all the relevant implications.

Quite frankly without their input I would have undoubtedly accrued some considerable liabilities. Their painstaking attention to detail has paid huge dividends and I have no hesitation in recommending their services to any business or organisation.”

Vic Barlow
Iko Ltd

“Just to say ‘thank you’ for all you’ve done for us. You really have looked after us over the years with sound advice that was always in our interest. A special ‘thank you’ to you for dealing with the investigation which we feel you made as stress free as it possibly could have been.

Thanks a million.”

Maria and Trevor


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